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Prima conosciamo la detective mascolina traumatizzata dalla propria gravidanza. Una gravidanza che aveva voluto interrompere, ma era stata intercettata dagil antiabortisti fuori dalla clinica, e loro avevano fatto nascere a forza i gemelli che aspettava. Poi vediamo la vita di un ragazzino, cresciuto tra delinquenti e guerriglieri. Un ragazzino che scopriamo poi essere uno dei due gemelli, un ragazzino alla perenne ricerca del fratello, scelto dai missionari per una vita migliore, mentre lui era stato lasciato a marcire, destinato a un futuro di sangue.

E infine vediamo il fratello fortunato. Attore palestrato e idolatrato, uno dei pochi individui sani e fertili di questo futuro, una bestia da accoppiamento. Per modo di dire. Il seme serve per le fecondazioni in vitro, per le ricche signore desiderose di una cosa rarissima di questi tempi, un figlio.

E la prima storia? Un mondo dove si dice che ci sia la cura miracolosa, ma nessuno la tira fuori aspettando la vera grande epidemia, quella da debellare per non soccombere. E quindi i ricchi stanno nascosti nella cittadella sterile, i poveri marciscono per le strade. Novel is written in the mid-nineties and then the year seemed very far indeed. It's interesting to see how one of the best authors in the field saw the near future, and also realize that the novel could be titles Visions and have the same strength and message as it had in the nineties.

Yes, there are some things that are mildly irritating mentioning of SSSR, which in the mid-nineties didn't exist any " Visions" by Jamie Delano is a collection of four stories about the near future. Yes, there are some things that are mildly irritating mentioning of SSSR, which in the mid-nineties didn't exist anymore, predicting that Castro will die in , references to communism in general , but the ideas, illustrations and depictions of the world itself were ingenious.

So, in a nutshell: Should anyone read Delano's " Visions" today? Should anyone consider them prophetic? It depends. The characters and situations inside " Visions" are future in the same way any human characterization can be considered the future. Situations inside are, like in every good SF, perspectives of the entire humanity. Think Asimov, think Ellison.

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Delano made great novel about us, but it takes understanding of the references to fully appreciate his undertaking. Jan 24, Anca rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Estrogen pollution is at it's highest and sexual plagues are chewing away at the unlucky saps that got locked out of The Wall. It all went downhill when "the intellectual-feminist Presidential dynasty" slipped into power. And the eco-fascists helped. It's funny and unbelievable at times but a very So.. It's funny and unbelievable at times but a very interesting 'what if' scenario.

At one point it made me think of 'Y The Last Man' in regard to the female-run society. In Y the males are suddenly taken out of the picture while in they are slowly being replaced in relationships and otherwise by women following the gradually decreasing ability of their gender to give birth. Jun 25, Alex Sarll added it.

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Originally published in the mid-nineties, when was still the future, then collected in , when it was still a fair way off. But now, when it's barely round the corner, it's hard not to look at this account of a schismatic and largely sterile North America mainly in terms of how much it got wrong huge SF buildings towering over a still-standing World Trade Center, porn outlawed, no mobiles. Which is far from the whole point, because science fiction was never primarily predictive. The us Originally published in the mid-nineties, when was still the future, then collected in , when it was still a fair way off.

Jamie Delano Looking For A Publisher For 2020 Visions, With Frank Quitely, Steve Pugh and More

The usual Delano concerns loom large her - inequality, non-standard family structures and gender identities, the sheer strangeness of the meat in which our minds wander the world. This is also, I think, the first time I've seen Frank Quitely art in black and white; it looks weirdly hollow that way. View all 4 comments. Sep 21, Janet Jay rated it liked it Shelves: first-time-read , , fiction , graphic , sci-fi.

Really enjoyed this.

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  7. Distopia negativa molto dura e violenta, dall'autore del British Bastard per eccellenza J. Constantine protagonista di Hellraiser. Consigliato solo per stomaci forti. Feb 08, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-fiction. I'm glad I read this dystopian collection again.

    Delano spells out a few interlocking visions of a post-apocalyptic future with interesting twists and originality.

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    Jan 25, Darrell rated it it was amazing Shelves: tradepaperbacks. View 1 comment. Shawn rated it it was amazing May 09, Stephen Williamson rated it liked it May 17, Kyle rated it liked it Mar 06, Johnny rated it it was amazing May 14, Ariane rated it really liked it Sep 16, Darren Pruitt rated it really liked it May 12, Filipe Alves rated it liked it Nov 12, Jay Eales rated it really liked it Aug 30, Mallory rated it liked it Feb 15, The slant of an eye and the ensuing diminishment of vision not only perfectly describes a character in the comic but, an equally derelict degradation of vision by the author of the series, the much famed Jamie Delano of Hellblazer fame.

    Treatment is available for glaucoma but no treatment exists currently for Visions.

    As tenuous as the connections are betwixt the stories, so to are the individual yarns of story and character themselves. Ranging from a drug-addled curmudgeon raging against the failures of the modern world to a cross-dressing Latino private dick to a street urchin sold from slavery into a Christian Right-Wing paramilitary group to an asexualized beefcake; enormous oddities of character illustrate each panel.

    Oddities of character are matched by an oddity of setting. Somehow all these conflicts and inter-personal struggles are all ensconced under a bizarre umbrella of a backdrop that is a cross-hybrid of Dystopia and Post-Apocalyptic America. On the Richter scale of edginess it would score around an On the scale of cohesion, the number would dip well below half-way. As far as an exemplar of the Vertigo Comics imprint its far more representative as a sampler rather than a proper gateway toward the good shit. In either case, I sure hope Jamie Delano got his vision fixed because it was definitely not someone with perfect vision writing nor illustrating this.

    If you're a cool cat like me with a stash of old-school Vertigo comics that is as secret as it is vast, its worth a read. If you're a graphic novel neophyte a pass wouldn't hurt. But in the grand scheme of literary things its more meh than ah. One thumb halfway up. Un'opera di fantascienza? Ha perso un poco con il trascorrere dei decenni, ma non molto.

    Visions by Jamie Delano

    Alcuni capitoli Un'opera di fantascienza? Alcuni capitoli non sono alla'tezza degli altri.

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    Sep 30, teohjitkhiam rated it liked it. This is not an easy book to like. With four story arcs, written by the same person but illustrated by various artists, it is not surprising that the artwork can be quite spotty, but even more surprising in my personal opinion, the story-lines as well. Overall, I would not recommend this Vertigo imprint and would venture This is not an easy book to like. Overall, I would not recommend this Vertigo imprint and would venture that this is probably not one of Jamie Delano's best output yet. Aug 14, Sierra rated it really liked it. Okay, I have to admit.

    When I first heard about the plot it sounded like a bad porn video. Now, that I've read it. It still sounds like one, but the story line was shockingly good and the characters aren't cliches. The character design in the art is beautifully done and I love how the color pallet adds to the dystopian feeling. Jun 06, Oneirosophos rated it really liked it.