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The necromancers cast another summoning spell, and some hundred new skeletons appear on the platform. Liadrin rushes into a cluster of vargul, dropping them all with another spinning Divine Storm. As she finishes her follow-through, she lands on one knee, slamming the Ashbringer down onto the platform floor; a shimmering flash of yellow-white light bursts from the Ashbringer and shoots out in a horizontal shockwave in all directions. The light rips through the skeletons and sends them spilling onto the floor, burning with holy fire. Still on one knee, Liadrin tilts her head up at Garrosh.

Jaina runs to a clear area near the gunship and starts channeling a spell. A glowing blue runic circle begins to appear on the floor beneath her. Several more vargul drop onto the platform.

We took the teleportation orb into the Nexus. The sight that greeted us froze us all in our tracks. Around the circular room and down every hall, the ground was littered with the lifeless bodies of blue dragons. We all just stared for a minute while the sight sunk in. I think it hit Jaina the hardest, what with her probably having had some dealings with the blues over the years. She knelt down over one of the dead dragons and put a hand over its face.

This is… Her name is…was Kirygosa. She was a daughter of Malygos…. Whoever did this did it fairly recently. Why divide his efforts? We made our way deeper into the Nexus, finding more slain dragons all the way. As we worked our way down a long, descending passageway, we could hear sounds of combat, and reptilian cries of pain. I ordered Dontrag and Utvoch to make sure they kept Edwin safe under pain of so-much-worse-than-death-your-admittedly-limited-brains-would-melt-just-trying-to-imagine-it.

The bottom of the passage was dark and filled with shadows. As the floor leveled out from the end of our descent, we turned a corner and came to a doorway. The room was large and circular, with crystalline patterns in the walls and floor, like so many of the other rooms here. In the center of the room, hovering in the air of its own accord, was the Focusing Iris — an enormous blue orb, glowing with arcane power. On the far side of the room, four humanoids — a human, a tauren, and a pair of dwarves — all wearing armor like that of a death knight, stood over bodies of blue dragons.

More bodies filled the room, and the air reeked with the smell of draconic blood.

Two more death knights, a draenei and a troll, flanked the doorway on either side, and as we came around the corner they called out a warning. And as the sentries cried out, in the center of the room, out from behind the Focusing Iris stepped Tirion Fordring. Covered in spiked black armor, wielding a runeblade, eyes glowing a deathly pale blue. Sitemap

Even Tirion deserved better than this. It appears fate has set us all upon a parallel venture, and I find myself reunited with personages of no small familiarity. Garrosh, Dranosh, Dontrag, and Utvoch rush forward to engage the Deathbringers, and the two groups battle back and forth, with Tirion lurking by the Focusing Iris, watching and taunting. Woe be to any who stand against us! Their ruined bodies shall be the latest paving the way to our inevitable dominion over this world!

What do you fuckers even want with the Focusing Iris? But as it will profit you naught, I will tell you, so that you might meet your end knowing the full scope of your failure, and indeed the hand you and your ilk have had in bringing forth this very hour! Dranosh and Garrosh continue pushing back the tauren and human. Dontrag and Utvoch spar with the two dwarves, aided by chain lightning from Mokvar, while Jaina launches a seething fireball that incinerates the troll. Jaina lets loose another pair of fireballs, finishing the dwarven death knights fighting Dontrag and Utvoch.

The Lich King was content to leave these pitiable lizards be — for now. It was you who forced his hand, you who altered his plans, you who made the Focusing Iris a necessary implement—. From their blood shall flow the coming of a new age for this world! From their deaths shall be forged a new future, bathed in carnage!

Arthas will have more blood than he ever bargained for! Jaina unleashes a massive fireball that tears through the draenei death knight and badly burns the tauren and human — whom Dranosh and Garrosh quickly finish off — and hurls Tirion back against the far wall. Through the Lich King I have seen power the likes of which you cannot comprehend! By his will I have cast off death itself, and risen anew, ascended, greater than I might ever have dreamed in my former, paltry, limited existence! You do not know what you trifle with, you—. As Dranosh and Garrosh unleash a flurry of blows from both sides, Jaina singes Tirion with a surge of flame, then freezes him in place with a frost nova, throwing off his footing.

May your spirit finally find its rest now. Jaina holds her hands out to the Focusing Iris and begins channeling beams of arcane magic into it.

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Slowly, the Focusing Iris shrinks until it has been reduced to a shimmering blue sphere about a foot in diameter, hovering in the air. Jaina is interrupted by a shadowy, purple tendril of magic that lashes out at her from the doorway and yanks her back toward it. Her body flies backward through the air and — with a hideous slicing sound — into a blade held out from the dark hallway:.

As they recover, the Lich King hold Frostmourne aloft and begins channeling a spell. Crackling purple energy shoots out of Frostmourne in all directions. Slowly, the dozens of dragon corpses around the room begin to rise, eyes glowing a dull blue, bodies withered and gaunt.

The nearest few reanimated dragons rush at them. Garrosh, Dontrag, and Utvoch step in to intercept them and start to fight them back, with Mokvar and Faranell casting spells at them from behind.

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The Lich King continues channeling. She looks around the room, then faces the Lich King. Jaina grins hideously, turns, and unleashes an enormous fireball that incinerates two of the dragons on its way toward Faranell. Dontrag lunges at Faranell while Utvoch rushes in from the opposite side. Jaina was our ride out. Garrosh and Mokvar — both fighting dragons — back up toward Dranosh and Faranell. Faranell closes his eyes, mutters an incantation, and teleports the group away in a blinding flash. Lady Proudmoore, and the…cerebrally inexpansive duo? The group boards the Windrunner , which disembarks from the platform.


After a moment, the ship shakes and creaks, then begins to slide slowly backwards. They turn to look back at the ring platform, where the Lich King now stands, channeling a dark purple band of energy from his hand that grips the gunship, and using it to slowly tug the ship back toward the Nexus. How is he death-gripping the whole ship?! Saurfang stands at the railing, watching as the Lich King slowly drags the gunship back toward him.

Saurfang looks back at Dranosh, then to Garrosh. Saurfang barrels into the Lich King and they both crash onto the floor. Turn us around, Drok, we have to—.