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He's a free-spirited yet finely attuned post-Miles Davis stylist who exploits the beauty of brass more than its bravura, thus his doubling on the flugelhorn.

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He's an immensely intelligent and sensitive improviser and an excellent composer, whose sense of form blesses this record throughout. Pieranunzi's sense of ardent drama surpasses Evans -- call it the Italian factor, perhaps. His solo on the opening "Soundings" insistently builds in surging gulps of tempo. On "Improvheart," Wheeler positively slays in slow motion, with his Miles Davis-like mute turning and sustaining the phrases with a limpid sense of secret drama.

Pieranunzi is right there, exquisitely shadowing him. And then it's gone, in three minutes and 16 seconds.

As with Gladness Men of Old

Pieranunzi's mastery centers around a fluency of phrasing that makes the listener almost forget the instrument's percussive mechanics. His touch and effortless feel for forward motion mark the quality of his swing, often skipping ahead of the beat, to tug it along, like the breaking edge of a wave, as on "A Nameless Game.

Each consistently finds his place and motion in perfect accord. It's a safe bet that the trumpeter's debut as a leader for ECM, featuring the perfect line-up of pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette, has been one of small group jazz's most influential albums of the past thirty years; as remarkable for Wheeler's inimitable writing as its unparalleled performances.

With seven Pieranunzi compositions and two group improvisations of complete spontaneity but equally immediate compositional focus, the pianist augments his existing trio of bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Joey Baron with Wheeler, making As Never Before an appropriately titled disc that actually manages to surpass Pieranunzi's career-defining Live in Japan Cam Jazz, Still, over the past quarter century they've established themselves individually as comfortable in a variety of environments and, now early into its third decade, a trio capable of musical empathy akin to that Johnson experienced with his first major employer, the late legend Bill Evans.

Pieranunzi, like most modern pianists, owes much to Evans, but he's long since transcended Evans as an overt reference point. Nor is this Pieranunzi's first recorded encounter with Wheeler. FelliniJazz Cam Jazz, also brought the two together, but on a set of music culled largely from soundtracks to films of the great Frederico Fellini, and with a line-up possessing its own strength but lacking the simpatico inherent in a group that's worked together for twenty-five years.

FelliniJazz's strength was in how its players found common ground to interpret non-original music with their own voices; written with this line-up in mind, As Never Before even more successfully speaks to the players' individual strengths. And what strengths.

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Johnson, a most elegant and lyrical bassist, is the litmus test for perfection in instantaneous choice, balancing rhythm section responsibilities with a conversational approach that feeds Pieranunzi's own thematic disposition to solo building. And what of Wheeler? Approaching eighty, his peerless technique shows no signs of weakening, with every solo combining his unmistakable melancholy melodism with a nearly unequaled ability to deliver perfection, take after take.

Quintessential modern mainstream jazz, As Never Before blends traditional elements with European classicism and, like its players, is as unassuming as it is stellar; as honest, committed and selfless as intimate, small group jazz gets. Den flytter inn i deg og tar bolig og den gir deg faktisk sjelefred.

Sound, by the great Bauer studio in Ludwigsburg, is a joy. La grande classe. O Death Rock Me Asleep for Brass Quintet Would your students like to play a gruesome piece of Renaissance music for Halloween, while learning about female composers in history? Get To Funk!

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Trumpets Take Flight for Trumpet Duet with Orchestra Uplifting and triumphant, with soaring lines that go way up there, this piece needs a trumpet soloist with excellent high chops! Also known as "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh. This arrangement is available for buyers in most countries, but not the United States or some countries with very long-term copyright rules. Berceuse for Solo Trombone and 9-piece Brass This lullaby for tenor from the opera Jocelyn by Benjamin Godard sounds lovely on trombone.

Handel's Suite No. Celebration March for Trombone Trio A swing march — it's fun to play! Intermezzo No. Killian Quintet No. Nuptiale for Five Brass Getting married this summer? Here is some beautiful music to accompany your service, with soaring lines that bring to mind songs of Richard Strauss. Serenade for Brass Quintet Are you looking for something similar to the Ewald quintets, but different? Try this beautiful work in three movements by Oscar Straus!

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July 29, Four Gabrieli Canzon per Sonares for Brass Octet These beautiful editions of antiphonal music, well crafted with alternate parts, are perfect for your brass ensemble's summer Cathedral recital. Here is a nice recording of the Romagna Brass on YouTube. July 25, Trust for Trombone Quartet This exciting music is for more advanced players, with first trombone range to high C and D.

According to the composer: "Trust is the story of two strangers becoming friends. The story follows a path of doubt and betrayal, but after self reflection, trust is granted and friendship prevails. July 20, Chorale for Brass Quartet and Organ This majestic, contemporary music is very suitable for recitals, preludes or postludes.

July 15, July 11, Useful for diverse occasions!

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July 8, Reflections for Trumpet and Piano Here's a modern piece that looks back to early music — modal in character with flavors of the East. The three movements Toccata, Aria, March bring out the triumphant and lyrical aspects of the instrument. Great for recitals, competitions or auditions. July 4, The composer has provided excellent sample recordings horn players are sure to enjoy!

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July 3, July 2, June 28, Recuerdos de la Alhambra Memories of the Alhambra for Brass Quartet This popular Spanish guitar music sounds beautiful arranged for brass. June 27,