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A single beach can harbour several hundred species of invertebrates when the smaller forms i. The intrinsic ecological values and functions of beaches are often perceived as secondary to their economic value.

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Importantly, drivers and ecological governing principles on sandy beaches differ markedly from those for other coastal ecosystems such as rocky shores and tidal wetlands. Similarly, the composition, diversity, and abundance of faunal communities on beaches are generally thought to be more strongly controlled by physical factors e. While unconstrained, beaches are resilient, changing shape and extent naturally in response to storms and variations in wave climate and currents. However, human modifications of the coastal zone severely limit this flexibility Nordstrom, Together, these stressors drive the global trend of beach erosion Bird, , with the result that coastlines are generally migrating inland.

Because this brings beaches into conflict with human infrastructure, the mere threat of coastal erosion is enough to elicit a management response. The ecological consequences of engineering activities on beaches can be substantial at local scales Fig. Bottom panel depicts a generalized trajectory of human modifications to soft coasts modified from Nordstrom, The world's sandy beaches are iconic assets to society, but escalating threats to these systems pose formidable conservation challenges.

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Although these ecological values of beaches are publicly less recognized than their social and economic equivalents, their loss could have large ramifications in the form of irreversible damage to crucial ecosystem functions e. To conserve the irreplaceable biodiversity and ecosystem features of sandy beaches, coastal management will have to progressively incorporate ecological aspects of beaches, which in turn requires sound ecological science.

The limits of our scientific understanding of how sandy beaches respond ecologically to the plethora of human threats are fast emerging as crucial impediments for the conservation of these threatened ecosystems. The responses of beach ecosystems to the intensification of erosion and disturbance regimes and to human interventions that seek to counteract shoreline change and beach erosion. The ecological consequences, including impacts on ecosystem services, of human activities, such as recreation, extractive use, and pollution, that directly impact beaches. The functional relationships between drivers of the physical environment e.

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The implications of habitat loss and fragmentation as well as weakened linkages across critical ecotones and habitats for the conservation of sandy beach biodiversity, including endangered vertebrates such as turtles. The effects of cumulative impacts from multiple stressors and disturbances operating at increasingly larger spatial scales and greater frequencies on the structure, function, and recovery dynamics of sandy beach ecosystems.

The scope of this list emphasizes the urgency of expanding research efforts on these threatened ecosystems. Interdisciplinary and innovative approaches as well as increased public outreach will be required to address the conservation crisis facing the world's sandy beaches. Volume 13 , Issue 5. M R O'Connor. Michael Allaby.

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Tim F. Stewart Brand. Aldo Leopold. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Ecology of Sandy Shores. Notify me. Description The Ecology of Sandy Shores provides the students and researchers with a one-volume resource for understanding the conservation and management of the sandy shore ecosystem.

Covering all beach types, and addressing issues from the behavioral and physiological adaptations of the biota to exploring the effects of pollution and the impact of man's activities, this book should become the standard reference for those interested in Sandy Shore study, management and preservation. Bestsellers in Ecological Science, The Biosphere. Add to basket. Edward Burtynksy: Anthropocene Edward Burtynsky. Mycelium Running Paul Stamets. Werner's Nomenclature of Colours Patrick Syme.

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