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By Staci Boden - Staci Boden

With compassionate honesty and a practical sense of humor, healing practitioner Staci Boden shows her readers how to navigate change without clinging to false notions that if they just do this or think that they can dertermine what happens next. How to let go of false expectations and still make excellent choices.

How to grow and heal no matter what life throws their way Staci Boden is a San Franciscobased writer, healing practitioner, and energy worker.

Through her company, DancingTree Consulting, Staci works with individuals and groups to help transform decisions, projects, and relationships. She sees private clients as well as leads personal and spiritual development workshops in energy work, sacred dance, breathwork, and guided visualization to help people learn how to navigate life. Please visit her at www. It offers, in the most holistic way I've seen it offered, practical guidance to support each of us in becoming who we are next meant to be. This book will change your life if you let it. Buy it. Read it.


Live it. You won't be sorry. Boden walks her talk, and as we follow her through the challenges and traumas of her life as a wife, mother, friend, birthing doula and healer, we grow along with her. A candid, rare and immensely helpful book, especially for women in transition or crisis. I love that Ms. Boden isn't afraid to delve into the nitty gritty aspects of real living. Written in a down-to-earth, personal style with deep compassion for the human experience and mystery of life, this treasure is a potent guide to practical living.

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You'll want to devour every line and put it to work in your life right away. She is a woman who has walked her talk.

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Turning Dead Ends into Doorways comes at a time when all of us are seeking a way out of the chaos. This practical guide can help us embrace our fear of change by letting go and allowing Life's Mystery to reveal the way.

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She is the wise friend, the generous teacher, the compassionate soul-sister you've always wished for. In this book, Staci introduces a practice and a path that will help you move from control to trust, no matter what challenges you are facing. If you are seeking a practical spirituality that makes deep wisdom accessible and applicable in everyday life, this is the book for you. If you would like to awaken your capacity to experience grace and gratitude--in any circumstance--this is the book for you.